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The bollywood film industry is recognized as the most significant of the most solid film industries in the world. It all started in 1913 when dadasaheb palhe made the first indian silent film. After the creation of more such old hindi films by the indian film industry and major experience, the industry grew growing up, and then released the film "kisan kanya", it was the first color film in the life of bollywood human society. Then the bollywood industry did not slow down, as it began to release many old cycles, in hindi, including "avaara" and "piassa", which were extremely successful. Bright color, $1123 movie cultural dances and classics have helped to achieve worldwide recognition of the bollywood industry. At the moment, the duration of the films was two to three hours, and possibly constantly, but the freshest bollywood tapes are unlikely to have a duration of 2 hours. In the 1980s, cinema became not only entertainment, but it began to be actively commercialized with the help of films such as "chandni", "men pyaar kiya", "thesaab" and "kayamat se kayamat" and continued in the 1990s with the release of the latest hindi films, such as "dilvale dulhania le jayenge", "baazigar" and "darr". This attitude continued at the beginning of the century with the release of fresh bollywood novelties, such as "hum dil de chuke sanam", "kuch kuch hota hai" and "kabhi khushi kabhi gam", which existed as fabulous love stories. Later, the newest hindi action movie, such as "chandni bar", which received a lot of critical comments, turned any indian film into the release and creation of more realistic films. Then 123 movie fresh bollywood pictures underwent a huge transformation, including many improvements and changes. The long-awaited hindi film began to adopt trends, in a sense similar to western films, as the popularity of bollywood films grew. The current new hindi films use western-style variant formats. The bollywood industry started producing 800 films and even more in 12 months. The reason why producers shoot too many thousands of files comes down to the fact that there is no shortage of fans of fresh bollywood movie masterpieces. If these plots with a big budget, like "vir", failed, and this film, like "dev di", a small porn with a price level, achieved incredible success, film studios and producers changed the concept of the latest indian product. This leads to a new trend of creating films that are experimental. Such films as "my name is khan" and "3 idiots" have achieved huge success and are recognized and welcomed by indian moviegoers. Today, indian cinema has achieved its remarkable position on the globe, as most indian performers of the main roles are invited to interact with hollywood directors. This collaboration of indian and foreign cinema has established a new trend with the most diverse thoughts and concepts for audience relaxation.